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Air Conditioning Kent

ACE Services is committed to providing the highest quality service to commercial and domestic clients. We stay up to date on the latest technological developments as well as legislation changes to ensure we deliver the maximum value. This effort has helped to establish us as the number one company for air conditioning Kent has.

Technological development in terms of air conditioning, heating, and ventilation is focused on driving efficiency and satisfying the needs of different property owners. Our team have worked hard to ensure we have experience with the most cutting edge products, placing us in a position where we can satisfy any needs.

One of our biggest commitments to our clients is we will deliver longevity, thereby helping them to drive their costs down. To achieve this we can conduct effective repairs on a wide array of systems or install up to date, highly efficient replacements. If a replacement is necessary we will ensure it will pay itself off in the long term with reduced energy bills.

Professionalism is also very important to us. The current legislation states that properly qualified air conditioning engineers should be the only people to work on the systems. Each member of our team is "F Gas" certified as well as possessing extensive qualifications and training within the field. As a result you can expect the most professional service every time and satisfy your obligations as the property owner.

Our team understand that every property is different and has its own requirements for air conditioning. Fortunately we have the experience and knowledge to provide tailored services, whether it is repairs or new installations. In every instance we will adapt to reflect your requirements and the specifics of the location.

In addition to the above we also understand it can be difficult to determine the health of your air conditioning from a simple glance. That is why we offer clients a free survey so they can learn more. We will offer honest recommendations and focus on helping you maximise performance and efficiency.

Whether you are a commercial or domestic property owner you can come to us for services. We are proud to be one of the leading names for air conditioning Kent has to offer, ensuring every time we take on a job we provide the best workmanship and build on our reputation.

If you have any questions for us please get in touch.

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